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Please contact Corporate Standards if you have any questions about the information in the Excel sheet or if it needs to be updated. Low oil levels are a frequent cause of component failures. Check the oil level in the engine, transmission and hydraulic system at regular intervals. • Volvo Super Gear Oil 75W-80 GO102 is specially designed for Volvo Construction Equipment, meeting Volvo 97317 standard.

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PADB80 Dynamisk styrservo (VDS). 4. Björn Wahlström beskrev i sin presentation, Säkerhetskultur; att kunna och vilja, några av de tankar som legat som grund för planeringen av  Volvo Group, Scania och ÅF med sammanlagt 19 600 anställda. Department for Transport i Storbritannien publicerade Transport Investment Strategy i juli 2017.

5W/40 ACEA C3, API SN En helsyntetisk olja, speciellt utvecklad Quicksilver 4-Stroke Engine Oil. 2 alternativ.

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Our products suitable UNITED OIL COMPANY PTE LTD United XD9000 T 15W40 (IME 1104637-A) 15W-40. Volvo Group Trucks Technology STD 417-0001 approval Company name: Product name: Oil code(s): Volvo VDS-4 approval Mack EO-O Premium Plus approval Renault VI RLD-3 approval September 29, 2017 UNITED OIL COMPANY PTE LTD United Platinum Euro IME1101669-U 10W-40. Bengt says that the need to gain fuel economy improvements while extending oil drain intervals will be key drivers for the next Volvo specifications.

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They also meet VDS-2, VDS-3, EO-N Premium Plus For HGV engines it has become more complex as the new generation engines have more requirements to ensure they meet the stringent rules set down by the E.U. Depending on the engine in your Volvo truck you are going to require a 5W/30, a 10W/30, a 10W/40 or a 15W/40 heavy duty diesel engine oil all of which need to meet the Volvo specification either VDS 4.5, VDS 4, VDS 3 or VDS 2. If you haven’t made the move to Volvo VDS-4.5 Engine Oil yet, there’s no better time than the present. Not only is this leading-edge oil – first introduced in 2016 – our factory fill, but it’s also growing in popularity throughout the aftermarket.

153.00455714en. Protection. Class. 0: Volvo. Volvo Semi Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil. VDS-3 p/n 85102467/-8/-9.
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specification. VDS-4.5 Premium Engine Oil is the same viscosity – 10W-30 – as the current Volvo VDS-4 factory-fill oil but with enhanced performance for oil SAE: SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers International, an organization that established a widely used scale used for oil viscosity. The scale rates oil from a low of 5 to a high of 50.

For the list of companies that offer oil types that meet the Volvo Drain Specification, refer to Service Bulletin 175-62, “Approved Oils, Volvo Components”.
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Gå til Volvo Penta service kit for bensin motor Gå til Volvo Penta service kit for diesel motor Gå til View as: List Grid TAMD74A-B innehåller: 15L Oil 15w-40 Quicksilver Oil (Original Volvo kan o. Komplett service sette inneholder: Olje filter Luft filter Diesel filter Impeller 12L Volvo Penta VDS 3 15W-40 olje Läs mer.

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Please contact Corporate Standards if you have any questions about the information in the Excel sheet or if it needs to be updated.